Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets
Searches may be performed by material name or number. A specific format for the data sheet may also be selected. Note that only the most current version of the data sheet is maintained here.
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In case of an Environmental, Health, Safety or Quality emergency involving our product, please call 1-800-Ashland (1-800-274-5263 toll-free) or 001-606-329-5701(caller paid). For local toll-free numbers, please look at section 1 of the country SDS.
The availability of a SDS for a particular country or region does not guarantee that the product associated with that SDS is available for sale in that country or region. For information regarding availability of a product in a particular country or region, please contact your local customer service. Certain end uses of these products may be regulated pursuant to rules or regulations including but not limited to those governing medical devices, drug uses, or pesticidal or antimicrobial uses. It is the end user’s responsibility to determine the applicability of such regulations to its products. All statements, information, and data presented herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, but are not to be taken as a guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose, or representation, express or implied, for which Ashland assumes legal responsibility.